AURA Spring/Summer 2014 is avaliable

Aura Literary Arts Review, Volume 40: Spring/Summer 2014 is now available at your local Kaleidoscope newsstands as an insert in the June 5th issue of the Kaleidoscope Newspaper.

UAB Student Life to present first World’s Fair

The University of Alabama at Birmingham will combine its annual International Bazaar and Springfest events into one event, the World’s Fair at UAB, set to take place from 11 a.m. ...

AURA Submissions Spring 2014

Aura is now accepting new submissions, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, plays, music, art and photography, for this Spring. Submission forms is available at this link: Aura Submissions Form Deadline: March 7, ...


Spring 2012 Art & Photography


• SPRING 2012 CONTEST WINNERS • POETRY “Dead Battery,” by Chris Suda ...

Fall 2009 Art & Photography

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Memoirs of 88th Place, Lost and Found Series

by: by: Leah Hamel | Published: Fall 2011 Both of these pieces consist of primitive fired stoneware with glaze and stains. The piece on the opposite page is filled with found objects from 421 88th Place North. This is about the house I grew up in that was in Roebuck next to the airport. My [...]

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Aura Submissions Spring 2013

Aura is now accepting new submission: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, plays, music, art and photography for this Fall. Submission forms is available at this link: AURA Submissions Deadline: March 15, 2013 The deadline on the downloaded form is from last semester. The correct deadline is stated above. Please fill out and return this form and submitted [...]

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TeamAura Interviews Spring2012

Derek Nelson, the author of “Cannibal Chicken” talks about his inspiration.

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by: Bethany Mitchell | Published: Spring 2012 MOMMY by: Bethany Mitchell PAGE 2

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by: Rob Needham | Published: Spring 2012 Oh God, don’t let her see me. Oh yeah, God can’t hear me. DAMN by: Rob Needham     PAGE 2 DAMN by: Rob Needham     PAGE 3 DAMN by: Rob Needham     PAGE 4 DAMN by: Rob Needham     PAGE 5 DAMN by: Rob Needham     PAGE 6  

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by: George Sawaya | Published: Spring 2012 We’re a loud library And we like it. Come in, pluck a book From a shelf and scream A verse or two. Belt out the poetry of noise. Downstairs the children run And scream And no one stops them. The little heathens, cretins, Finding more ecstasy in madness [...]

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by: Derek Nelson | Published: Spring 2012 He walked through the coop like a businessman, Carrying a big black briefcase in his hand. “CLICK” went the locks. “CREAAAK” went the straps; All before the rooster’s waking taps. A hen awoke as he flooded with guile, She inquired why his smile was as big as the [...]

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by: Cheyenne Taylor | Published: Spring 2012 Them, Them oxycodone low-rollers, Black-ballers, Torn jeans and baseball caps. Their words stretch out on tobacco stains, And their breath rattles laughter. Curtains. Thin, yellow, mother curtains. Them poor kids, or, Them dirt-bathed miners, eating at the rock face under back roads that You’d never know about if [...]

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by: Robert Conditt | Published: Spring 2012 Staring at the ceiling Just me and my feelings Are listening To my mind’s wheel spinning It’s turning you over -tumbling the tumbler- I’m wondering how you slumber And if you dream of me. Seeing without seeing Trusting my heart’s beating As it’s aching In its blind pain [...]

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by: Kathryn Thagard | Published: Spring 2012 The Caterpillar Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Who are you? –The Caterpillar The blue caterpillar, toking smirks, drapes himself over the spore-spotted mushroom, while noon- day haze ignites his bellowing yawns. Securing the hookah base with the crescent of his silhouette, he grazes its garnished grommets, the snake-like hose [...]

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